If you have the privilege of having a hat PANAMA undoubtedly you will want keep it in the best conditions.

PanamaWasi, shows here the most useful way of keeping and cleaning your hat.

1- Avoid, if possible, to take on the hat or grab it by the "CROWN" . Preferably hold it by the "BRIM";

2- To put the hat properly, we recommend that it to be done by the party of the " BRIM". The right hand will at the front and the left hand on the rear part of the brim;

3- To take off  the hat is also recommended to do it by the "BRIM ";

4- Do not put heavy objects on the hat;

5- In order not to lose its shape, it is better not to expose the hat to rain;

6- Avoid, if possible, not to leave the hat on the back of the car, closed or unventilated environments. With that we avoid with certainty that the straw becomes brittle;

7- The material which Panama hats are made is an entirely natural material

" Toquilla straw " ( CORLUDOVICA PALMATA). This material best keeps its flexibility in a moisture environment. Keeping that in mind you will thus enjoy longer in your hat;

8- The ideal way to clean the hat, is using a dry cloth; if don’t result you can use a moist to wipe  (like the ones we use on babies). It is not recommended to use soap or alcohol;

9 - To recover the original shape of the hat, if for any reason it loses the shape, we recommend to use the steam iron, provided that it is protected with a soft cloth before;

10 - If you stop using the hat for a long time, it is better it you keep it in a hat box, it will enable its conservation in optimal conditions for its next use.